How do I get money?

Money will be received twice a month, on 10 and 25, the exchange rates of these days (ex: money that model will be made in 1-15 will receive on 25 and money that model made in 16 – end of the mounth will receive on 10 of next month) Money will be given regardless of the amount you will have received model. You can get the card, bank account, western union, etc..

If you choose to work from home percentage will be 70% of everything you do with the opportunity to take another 5% in the future and if you choose to work at the studio, the percentage is 50% of everything you do with the possibility of take another 30% in the future (depending on offers studio).

We also offer for those who bring new models (they will receive $ 100 when the person brought will collect the first 1,000 units ($ + €) on websites or $ 50 for every 1,000 units ($ + €) made​​).

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