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This site was developed with the aim of recruiting staff for sessions and to provide necessary information about everything related to . The entire activity takes place in an environment friendly, professional and legal young community, dynamic and willing to do as much.

We welcome all those who want to work with us. You will enjoy substantial gains if you join our team of professionals. We hope we will be able to answer any questions you have.

If you want to improve your financial situation, now is the time. About this activity makes a lot of people think wrong without knowing exactly what means. It is not escort agency, is not prostitution, not to share sex with anyone, do not make movies for adults, you should not meet with members of the sites that talk is just a virtual way to make money, a legal and civilized work environment that rounds your revenue.

We make no discrimination, no sex or age, we have studios mixed in which boys and girls are accepted, even older people.

We guarantee our discretion (it is one of the things we pride). Once you get in our team, you will be the most important person for us.

Xvision Studio - Bonusariada

Pentru ca dorim sa ambitionam cat mai mult modele noastre, Xvisionstudio ofera periodic diverse premii in bani sau produse. De asemenea modele primesc si comisioane din persoanele aduse de ei sa lucreze la noi.

In perioada 8 decembrie 2011 si 30 aprilie 2012 Xvisionstudio ofera un bonus de angajare persoanelor care doresc un job in videochat si se angajeaza la noi, indiferent ca vor sa lucreze de acasa sau din studio. Consultati mai departe oferta noastra !!!

Bring your friends to us

Xvisionstudio gives you a LIFE bonus of 5% of the amount gain by the models brought to us by you. The only condition is that you must be active model at Xvisionstudio.

Bonus for new models

Xvisionstudio offers to new models employed between 8 December 2011 – April 30, 2012 very attractive awards: Cameras / Webcams / mobile phones.

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Bring your friends to us...
Bonus for new models...
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  • We have a working web platform unique in the world.
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